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well I am not going to cut anything from this one since it’s not hardcore yaoi so xD
This is the req for Suguru BM she is a wonderful fellow cosplayer btw <3
I suck at fluff so much but
here is the summer themed ruki and aoi, I made them wet just in case and I tried new stuff xD and there he is ruki freezing because we all know how horrible it is once we get out of the water /for me is a nightmare/ so…u get the point lol not surprising aoi is more like >:3
anyway here is the bigger image in deviantart and facebook
I hope she likes it and I didnt screw up omg
well hello guys I finished the req for Hanim /facebook/ and here is something new from me I just got a tablet again and I since my own tablet is broken since last week I had to borrow from a friend. I am happy tho because I rushed to finish reqs. She wanted smut back then and anatomy is so hard but I managed to make this
here is the whole image on DA and the post on my FaceBook page